This year, DotMED are delighted to bring on-board Galway based medical student Tariq Esmail as our DotMed intern.

Currently a medical student at the National University of Ireland, Galway Tariq completed his Bachelor of Medical Science degree at Western University (London, Ontario). Tariq has always had an interest in exploring creativity and its place in medicine.

In 2013, Tariq coordinated the first ever TEDMED live stream event at NUIG. At this full day event, local speakers joined with live streaming from the United States to tackle some of the "great challenges" in medicine.

Recently, Tariq was a part of bringing the Journal of Medical Students Galway (JMSG) to life as a peer-reviewed, student-staff lead, open access journal.

When not studying medicine, Tariq is particularly interested in health and fitness and their integration into the world of medicine. Tariq is passionate about the future of medicine and the opportunity to be a part of it.