dotMD 2022

#dotMD22 will take place in Galway on June 17th and 18th 2022

Mark Reid

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Dr. Mark Reid @medicalaxioms is the face behind the brilliant and hugely influential source of medical wisdom, the Medicalaxioms account on Twitter.

Here’s Mark’s biography  – in his own words.

I was born and raised in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, the son of an industrial factory manager and a geologist.  I was educated by jesuits at St. Xavier High School and studied chemistry, studio art, rowing and bicycle racing at Williams College in western Massachusetts. Subsequently I spent a few years as a bicycle messenger, ambulance driver, and lab tech in Washington DC.  I went to medical school at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio and did Internal Medicine residency and a year as a Chief Medical Resident at the University of Colorado in Denver.  After a few years in private practice, I returned to Denver Health—the county hospital where I had done my training—to join the faculty as a hospitalist.
My academic career has been disorderly and mediocre covering medical errors, excessive prescription of proton pump inhibitors, and hospital readmissions.  I am primarily a clinician and teacher and my best accomplishment has been in the realm of social media on Twitter as @medicalaxioms where I have developed a knack for finding the non-evidence-based pearls in medicine and stringing them into pretty necklaces.  I raised two daughters to be brainy skeptics and I have a nice lady friend with two more so I’m doing it again. I also have a cattle dog named Jenny.

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