"The best medical conference on the planet"

Mark Shapiro - Explore The Space Podcast

The last dotMD Festival took place on June 17th and 18th 2022 at NUI Galway.

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What is

dotMD is a festival of curiosity for doctors and healthcare practitioners looking for more from medicine.

It aims to reawaken a sense of wonder and curiosity about medicine that some may have lost along the way - and help them find deeper meaning and satisfaction in their working lives


"Medicine for the soul"

Dr. Rachel Clarke

Your Life in My Hands

"The Best medical conference I have attended!"

Dr. Kathyrn Mannix

With The End in Mind

"The Best Conference on The Planet"

Dr. Mark Shapiro

Explore The Space Podcast

"The best conference I have participated in"

Dr. Samuel Shem

House of God

"The Best Medical Conference I’ve ever attended"

Dr. Zubin Damania

ZDogg MD

"The Electric Picnic of Medical Conferences"

Priscilla Lynch