Graphic Medicine Exhibition

This years dotMD conference will see an exhibition of Graphic Medicine curated by Dr. Ian Williams, co-founder (with dotMd speaker, MK Czerwiec) of the Graphic Medicine Website. It will feature the work of 38 artists from around the world.

‘Graphic medicine’, according to Ian Williams, is whatever goes on at the interface between the medium of comics and the discourse of healthcare.

The term encompasses autobiographical comics and graphic novels, made by people who have experienced illness or disability first-hand, stories about care-giving made by healthcare professionals, patient education comics, and work that has been made as a therapeutic intervention.

dotMD are delighted to bring this amazing collection of work to Galway for the conference. We owe a huge debt of thanks to all of the artists who made their work available to us for the exhibition and for Ian Williams for putting it together.

The exhibition, which will take place throughout the dotMD conference on Friday 13th and Sat 14th September in the foyer of Áras Na Mac Léinn, NUIG (just outside the Bailey Allen Hall), is open to the general public. The exhibition has been made possible with support from The Galway Clinic