Dodder Walk at Dusk during the time of Covid-19 by Chris Fitzpatrick

| April 27, 2020

Pipistrelles, flicker

Play tricks in the fading light

Heaven-sent, not hell


Foxes – one, two, three

All snout quick leg-work and brush

No horse or hound here


Dagger-head Heron

Knee-deep in water. Patience

personified. Strikes


Sleeping ducks float on

dreams together – proving more

to beauty than swans


In the dead of night

blackbirds don’t sing. Wonder what

this song really means ?


Pass the nursing home

Pray for those inside tonight

Keep all safe and sound


Above, pin-prick stars

glitter like fine diamanté

through grey, shroud-hung clouds

Submitted by

Professor Chris Fitzpatrick

Prof Chris Fitzpatrick is a consultant obstetrician & gynaecologist in the Coombe Hospital and a clinical professor in UCD. He is the lead clinician for the RCPI’s allied drama collaboration with the Abbey Theatre in relation to bereavement in the maternity services and open disclosure. He has also published short stories and poetry and has written for the stage and for the newspapers.

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