About dotMD

dotMD is a 2 day festival of curiosity for doctors and healthcare practitioners looking for more from medicine.

It aims to reawaken a sense of wonder and curiosity about medicine that some may have lost along the way - and help them find deeper meaning and satisfaction in their working lives.

Who is it for?

Although the dotMD programme has been developed with the needs of doctors in mind, all health care professionals are welcome to attend. 

An amazing
experience. Many of the
talks stayed with me
for days after

Dr Maurice Barry

with a difference

The Irish Times

Attending will make
me a better Doctor

Dr. Conor McCarthy

It does so by;

Creating a welcoming retreat where attendees can pause, relax and reflect.

Choosing speakers who are thought-provoking, entertaining, and interesting to an audience drawn from across a wide spectrum of medicine.

Viewing medicine with fresh eyes through the lenses of culture, the arts, philosophy and technology.

Redirecting our focus as doctors both outwards (to the worlds of arts, philosophy, technology), and inwards (self care, mental health, reflection).

Highlighting the unexpected resonances and synergies that occur in the spaces where disciplines meet.

Creating a medical gathering where there is no academic hierarchy, no scoring and no winning.

Acting as an inoculation against cynicism, isolation, burnout, and boredom.

Attending to the personal development and flourishing of the human beings who just happen to be doctors, helping them meet needs of those human beings who just happen to be patients.

Organising team

Dr Ronan Kavanagh

Dr. Ronan Kavanagh is a Galway based rheumatologist and the director founder of Medical Spaces Ltd which runs dotMD.

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Dr Muiris Houston

Muiris Houston is adjunct professor of medical humanities at Trinity College Dublin where he teaches narrative based medicine to medical students.

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Dr Alan Coss

Dr Alan CossAlan Coss is a gastroenterologist based in Galway.

He has an interest in how medicine interacts with the arts and social media, and has been an advisor to the dotMD team since the very first meeting.

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dotMD is run by Medical Spaces Ltd, a company which runs medical education events for healthcare professionals.

Medical Spaces Ltd is a company registered in the Republic of Ireland. Company Number 581319.

Director -  Dr Ronan Kavanagh Suite 19, Galway Clinic, Doughiska, Galway H91HHT0