Jemma Millen

Jemma Millen

Jemma is a contemporary ceramic artist based in County Antrim, Northern Ireland who
graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree in Fine & Applied art from Ulster University in 2012.

While learning her ceramic discipline at University, Jemma cared for her elderly father who was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2005.

“I became fascinated with a parallel between the making process and what was physically occurring with my Dad.

Once clay is fired around 600°C, it loses its chemical memory, meaning it cannot reverse to the malleable state of clay again, it has transformed into ceramic – much like how the brain cannot regenerate those lost memories to disease.”

Jemma Millen ceramics

Her passion for making is driven by a need to learn. Inspired by events in her life and natural surroundings, she uses her craft as her own personal therapy as well as an outlet for thoughts and emotions.

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