Deborah BowmanDeborah Bowman is Professor of Bioethics, Clinical Ethics and Medical Law and Dean of Students at St. George's, University of London where she has worked since 1999. Prof. Bowman’s background is in law and philosophy. Her academic interests concern the role of emotion in ethical decision-making, moral distress, public involvement in ethical debate and therapeutic relationships. Prof. Bowman has written and published extensively, both in the academic and popular press. She has worked with a range of national organisations and she has participated in many international projects.

The health humanities are a particular interest of Professor Bowman’s, especially theatre and literature. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the BMJ journal Medical Humanities. Prof. Bowman has a commitment to public engagement and has spoken at many festivals, salons and events, including Sick, the Cheltenham Science Festival and Medicine Unboxed. She is a Director of the London Arts in Health Forum and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Prof. Bowman works with clinical teams and colleagues throughout the NHS. She has served on several Clinical Ethics Committees at NHS Trusts in London and subsequently developed an innovative ethics coaching and mentoring scheme with clinicians from all professional groups.

Prof. Bowman has contributed to, and acted as an expert reviewer for, a number of policy documents and reports, including those published by think tanks, government departments and arms-length bodies. She acts as a reviewer for the principal research funding organisations in medicine and healthcare. Prof. Bowman is an accredited mediator, specializing in conflicts in healthcare settings.

Prof. Bowman is a regular commentator in the media, including as a programme consultant to, and regular panelist on, BBC Radio 4’s series Inside the Ethics Committee. Most recently, Prof. Bowman developed and presented Test Case in which she explored the ethico-legal stories that changed practice.

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